Hello, I’m Elisabeth!  Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you find something that inspires you here.  My main goal is to invite others to see how easy it really can be to eat healthfully and purposefully.  However, as my blog’s name states, I do recognize that there can be an element of a challenge to this choice, but I view that as all the more reason to pursue it.  I have a passion for whole, healing and nourishing foods; I really don’t care much for the processed and pre-made “food” that’s most readily found in society.  This blog features recipes I’ve developed based on a few different “diets” or ideologies (anti-candida, gluten free, grain free, and sometimes vegetarian/vegan); while I don’t specifically ascribe to one or another at this point, I think that there is a lot to be learned from the mindfulness that each of these eating guides has to offer.  Most generally, I try to avoid processed sugars in all forms (although there is something to be said for everything in moderation!) and while I sometimes eat grains, I prefer not to.  That said, I think there can be something for everyone here, especially if you’re willing to have an open mind!

I recently graduated from Biola University with a BFA in fine art.  I now live in the Chicago area and work for Groupon; I am also a freelance photographer.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, drawing, writing, and running; especially running outside (I can’t stand the treadmill!).  Thank you so much for your interest in my blog, I hope to continue to add many more recipes and ideas!

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